Saturday, April 24, 2010

Screw on the Screen (1975)

This is not a comment I often do when I talk about an adult film, but what a waste of my time ... I have no difficulty to imagine the speed at which the room emptied when the film appeared. It is simply annoying and pretentious. This is a representation of Screw magazine on the screen and if the magazine is what you see on the screen (which is surely the case since Jim Buckley and Al Goldstein's are the producers of it), I must really thank heaven for having been a reader of High Society. We go from not-funny skits to the sad burlesque act of Honeysuckle Divine (her act blewing-off matches, pitching powder, doing sounds, and much more with her vagina. Believe me this is more interesting to read than watching) to an old loop from the fifties to a man who is getting a tattoo on his penis... Quite enjoyable and exciting as a program right? But I must welcome the inclusion in the film of a scene of fellatio between men (this certainly scares away the last remaining spectators in the theatre). The only saving grace of this film is the end (and no it is not the end credits) with a talk show segment in which Jody Maxwell demonstrates her oral skills. As you can easilly guess this movie isn't available on dvd, VXP talked about releasing it since some time. But unless Steve announce that it will come with an autographed picture of Jody Maxwell (an interview will do also) or  that the four missing minutes are awesome, I'm sure not interested to rewatch that again...

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