Sunday, January 2, 2022

Hungry for MORE? (2021)


First episode of a new Adult Time series, the series should have straight and lesbian couple but to launch the show we get two straight couples. The title make it quite obvious what it is about...

Dante Colle and Kira Noir

Kira and Dante are at their home waiting for a yoga partner of Kira and her husband that Kira had invited for the evening. When they show up Kira jump in the kitchen to prepare the dinner, but it looks like they were a miscommunication problem.

Ryan Driller and Bella Rolland

Ryan and Bella aren't there to eat food, they came to eat something else. Since the other couple doesn't seem to understand it looks like they will have to go straight to the point as Bella say they came before they thought they wanted to fuck them. Dante and Kira are surprised but after a short hesitation what we expected is put in motion, the couple switch and the action is ready to start... obviously from there there aren't much to say.

The switch

It was a nice introduction to a new series that isn't exactly what I usually review since this isn't story driven, to be honest I was mostly interested because of the cast. On that side I can't complain... Bella Rolland was great as she always is what can I say I love when an actress does more than going through the motions, shows a high energy level and is in control. Kira Noir is always a welcome sign here she works a lot but rarely in the genre of cinema I review. Dante Colle is fine as always and Ryan Driller is, in my book, the most handsome man working in the industry. If we talk sex I must say that it was quite hot with a lot of back and forth contrary to what I expected since I thought it would be each couple being in their corner doing their their things alone. 

Almost ready to start

I won't say that it is essential but if you are a fan of one or more of the cast members you will enjoy, in fact this is the type of series that depends of who is in the cast. Joanna Angel did a good directing job letting the performers enjoying themselves and have fun.

Obviously this is exclusive on the Adult Time streaming service, but I guess it will get a release on VOD when all the episodes would have been released on streaming.

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