Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Young, Wild & Wonderful (1980)

Jim Clark is always hit or miss for me, I like his movies or hate them. So I'm always anxious to sit in front of my TV starting one. Luckily this one is in the enjoyable category, in fact of the one I've seen it was the most agreeable to watch.

The film synopsis is quite simple and is about a group of student doing a field trip at a museum. What they in this visit is listen a presentation by an employee (Eric Edwards) on the arts in general, at least they don't seem to do anything else. So during the showing the students goes astray in fantasy produced by the subjects discussed. The first is from The Rape of the Sabine Women and, you guess it, it's a rape fantasy with Sally O'Keefe, Rod Pierce, Jerry Butler, Lisa Beth and George Payne. Of course being a Jim Clark's film this isn't really extreme, but George Payne is George Payne. Next a sculpture of Claes Oldenburg bring us to a group scene with Merle Michaels, Brian Palmer, George Payne, Rod Pierce and Jerry Butler. Next a great scene between Arcadia Lake and Eric Edwards following a discussion about Paul Gauguin. Finally Lake and Edwards are back with Kandi Barbour where Edwards became a wrecked sailor in the 19th century tahiti. Some events happen too in the field trip that aren't related to the group presentation.

It's was a funny time and contrary to Debbie Does Dallas none of the acting is really bad. Certainly not a waste of time and, as a bonus, I've learned who is Claes Oldenburg...

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  1. Perhaps you have heard that Kandi Barbour from the movie died homeless, but I am still not certain it was the correct person. She was living in Hawaii. Jim Clark was a genius and I liked all his films, especially Debbie Does Dallas. Bambi Woods is alive and well with two kids, I found out. Check out my reviews on imdb.

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