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Carter Stevens' Avon 7 Collection

Here we go with this one we have the last volume in the Carter Stevens collection with film, unless something changed since the last communication I had with Michael Rasso only a compilation of loops is on the program. This one countains the three films he did for the Avon Theatre : Bizarre Style, Wicked Schoolgirls and House of Sin. Before I start with the films themselves I must say I don't like the cover, but as I say often what matters is the content not the wrapping.

House of Sin (1982)
This one starts with a young woman (Jean Silver) who after a car accident goes with a man (Robert Kerman) at his house to call for help (what she will never do...). Sadly she pick the wrong guy as he turns to be the leader of a satanic cult. So she is drugged while eating at the house and everybody, except her, have sex. When she wake up after she had sex with one of the member (Honey Stevens) but forgot it's diner time. While waiting to eat, Mistress Candice and her slave (David Christopher) come for an S&M show. Evangeline (Silver) find this disgusting and leaves, but did she?

For an Avon's film this one is really tame. If it wasn't for the S&M final with bonus peeing you wouldn't thing that you are watching one of their production. This one include a commentary track with Carter Stevens where he doesn't talk that much about the film per se, but discuss about the Avon Theatre, the Hellfire Club, Phil Prince and many other subjects. This is just too bad he doesn't talk a lot of Jean Silver as I would have love to know more about her. The film has a running time of 1h09m49 and seems complete to me.

Bizarre Styles (1981)

This one is about a lingerie store that is in fact a front for a prostitution bussiness, at least it looks like that to me. Seriously I can't wrote anything else than that about this film...

What I can wrote about on the other side is the quality, After Hour Cinema really got a bad print on this one. I don't talk of an highly dammage image as I can live with that, but of an highly cut presentation. Indeed the film runs only for 1h05m18 and the cuts are obvious. The peeing scene in the first S&M scene is missing in action and the fisting is nowhere to be seen. The editing is weird but in this case maybe it's the way the film is, it was the first time I watched this title so I can't be sure. Also the music doesn't seem all original, at least not the annoying keyboard instrumental repeated over and over. I won't fault After Hour Cinema for the cut as it isn't a practice they do usually. Anyway if it was them the last S&M scene would be cut and it isn't...Seriously if I would have bought the set for this one only I would be very disappointed.

Anybody knows if the version included in the Vanessa Del Rio Triple Feature Volume 08 released by Alpha Blue Archives is complete?

Wicked Schoolgirls (1980)

Finally the important film in the set and the only one that can be consider as one (House of Sin doesn't have enough story for my taste). Of course the synopsis isn't that complicated, I mean it's an Avon's film. basically this is about a girl who is blackmailed because of some naked pictures. Of course she will get them back with the help of her brother and all will end well with some brother and sister love.

As an Avon film this one is also very tame, but it's a fun movie to watch. Of course there is a domination scene at the beginning between Giggles (Sonya Summers) and David Ruby, but the outcome is more funny than anything. This is of course the first film of Velvet Sommers who play one of the teenager in the feature. The film is more or less complete with some dialogue missing before Velvet goes to the bathroom and the peeing, wich isn't a big deal. There is a two minutes difference between the two versions I have, but I didn't notice anything else that important missing except some dialogues. But some of the music is changed so no Patti Page song during the doggie scene, no Chuck Berry song during the masturbation scene but strangely the instrumental version of Planet Clair is always there. This one came also with a commentary. I thing the version here is perfectly acceptable and look a hell of a lot better than what I had previously.

All thing considerate this 2 DVD film collection is recommanded and came also with a Carter Stevens' interview and a lot of trailers. This is the list for those interested : My Mistress Electra, Kneel Before Me, Dr. Bizarro, Oriental Techniques in Pain and Pleasure, Prisoner of Pleasure, Tales of the Bizarre, Punk Rock / Pleasure Palace, Lickity Split, Rollerbabies, Teenage Twins and Double Your Pleasure.

This one is available from Alternative Cinema.

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  1. Bella, that's the film I was thinking of with Arcadia Lake and Eric Edwards. I liked to watch each part so much it's difficult to review the whole film.