Thursday, March 10, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies (1976)

New York, 1976, the mayor is preparing the next election  with a campaign to clean the streets of the city by attacking  the prostitution (What else is new?). Certainly one of the most successful campaign since there are only seven prostitutes  remaining in the city when the film began. Two of them (Crystal Sync and a complete stranger) are preparing themselves to hang up their skates (I'm Canadian so it's sure I have to use an hockey term somewhere in my blog) and put a stop at their career by receiving their last client (Mel White). But chance helping after finishing the job a girl scout comes at the door to sell cookies. A visit that will give the idea to the actress whose name I do not know (which is sad because she looks great) to personify a Girl Scout and use this ploy to sell her charms.
Without being one of the best production of Shaun Costello this one is still interesting for numerous reasons. Among them the lead actress (it's amazing how she looks young), the variety of scenes (mild sado-masochism, double vaginal penetration,...), the presence of John Leslie as a master of disguise (ok just one and not that spectacular) and the fast pace. One criticism I could make is that the end seems rushed and the final orgy seems unfinished.

This one is available from Alpha Blue Archive in a great set, but as I've already said previously it is quite overprice for an unauthorized release with very few remastering works done.

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