Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One fast message

I've keep this one secret since it isn't fun when we talk about something and that doesn't happen. In fact only one of my reader knew it before the announce. So here we go : I'm a writer on the new DistribPix portal, so from now on my reviews of the Video-X-Pix materials will be posted there.

Of course my blog is always alive since I will continue to review the rest of what I watch here. I'll try to watch something later this week and untill then my review of The Postgraduate Course in Sexual Love is available. 


  1. Congratulations Jimmy!

    I took a quick look but I'm wondering,
    how do we know what articles are written by you?

    Will you post a link to those articles here?

  2. Thanks Kathy!

    Of course I will mention it here and It's also possible that I post different one here. I'm just not sure yet...

  3. I second the congratulations! Looking forward to the new work.