Friday, March 4, 2011

Pen Pals (1973)

Chuck (Levi Richards) and Carmen (Tony Scott) held a meeting with four of their pen pals (Mary Stuart, Davey Jones, Mel White and one girl I don't know) from all the corners of the United  States and all this turns as a sex party. Everything stops there because this film has no story beyond that and the whole is more or less fifty minutes of sex non-stop. This may sound interesting but it is not ... Apart from Mary Stuart no actresses are really attractive and the sex is rather mechanical, repetitive and boring (except the scenes with Mary Stuart where we are able to feel some emotion from her). In a movie when the best part is the night footages of  New York it's pretty clear that we aren't on a joy ride.
I really do not have very much positive to say, but I did laugh to hear Shaun Costello directing the actors during a sex scene and at the countless flubbed lines ... The instrumental from the end of Misty Bethoven is often used and you have no idea how I would had like to see Constance Money doing an apparition in this mess. One thing for sure the next couldn't be worse.
This film is available from After Hour Cinema in a three movies set with Certified Mail and Love-In Maid.

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