Thursday, March 3, 2011

Forced Entry (1973)

First movie directed by Shaun Costello and a production that is preceded by its reputation. The story basically is about a Vietnam veteran and his return to civilian life. If there's one thing I learned by watching movies is that many of them came back traumatized by the experience. Obviously this is also true for the "hero" of our story. So the former soldier who is never named is at his return either the owner of a gas station or an attendant at this station (but probably more the owner since he can go when he wishes to do so) and he enters in his Vietnam flashback mode when some women come to refuel their car. In his flashback mode he stalks his victims to kill and as this is an adult film, have a little fun.
There is no real consensual sex relationship in this film if we except the scene between Juta David and Shaun Costello (the only other male actor in this movie with the killer), so if you do not like when a movie is a little bit rough this one will not be your cup of tea. If I say rough you can take my word for it as the whole is accompanied by  convincing special effects, at least for the second victim and the rapes are intercut with archive images of the Vietnam War. What makes the film is the performance of Laura Cannon when she was attacked at her home, a performance so greatly executed that it's worthy of an Oscar®. Something I sure can't say about the two "actresses" playing the hippies, I've never seen people as annoying and stressful than those two... Honestly I think I would have done the same thing the killer did if I would have been confronted at these two women. If they would have been in the old anti-drug psa, I can assure you that these ads would have been effective.
Excellent career start for one of the most prolific director of this genre (what you will see throughout the month of march since the whole month will be devoted to Shaun Costello) and a film that I highly recommend.
This film is available from After Hour Cinema and the DVD countains also three short loops and a booklet written by Costello himself.


  1. I'm glad to see you back posting again Jimmy - I missed your reviews.

  2. I have a tendency to do too many things at the same time and sadly 24 hours a day isn't enough. By exemple now I've to deal with my blog and the project I work on with OOTP (a computer baseball game). As you know already I think I have to create the facegen for the game mod and the seasons 1931 to 1968 are not completed yet and it's important to have the set completed before the game release (probably in the beginning of may). So I can watch movies only at night wich isn't that bad since I don't sleep a lot.

    BTW I will certainly watch The Passions of Carol this week, so you will get my review with pictures in 2 or 3 days.