Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Love Bus (1974)

In this film the gorgeous Jennifer Jordan plays the part of Barbara , a woman who has difficulties to feel involved in her relationship with the opposite sex. To help her overcome this blockade her psychiatrist (Jamie Gillies) advises her to attend a weekend with an organized group to overcome her apprehensions. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the perspective) all will not proceed as planned.
Before starting the movie I was expecting something similar to Lickity Split and it seemed that it would be the case when all the group embarked on a bus trip. But nothing happen during the ride since the bus driven by Kevin AndrĂ© is involved in an accident . An accident that forces the whole group to stay at an hostel owned by a couple (Sonny Landham with a redneck accent that come and go and Linda Lovemore). The big difference with the preceding film is  the fact that the distribution is talented  enough to be able to improvise interesting dialogues. The distribution includes among others in addition of the names already mentioned Marc Stevens, Levi Richards, Leo Lovemore, Day Jason, Shaun Costello, Rita Davis and Judith Hamilton (which I'm not a big fan and still isn't). There are a good part of comedy in this film, mostly due to Leo Lovemore and Mark Stevens and you  feel that everyone involved had a good time.
The film even includes a fisting scene between Jamie Gillis and Rita Davis, this is always appreciated when we know how some labels removed them from the DVD release of their film. Video-X-Pix certainly deserves  a lot of praise for not having censored a classic like VCA always does. There is also an interesting threesome between Leo Lovemore, Shaun Costello and Day Jason (which is certainly not the case with the other  one with Jennifer Jordan, Sonny Landham and Judith Hamilton). I've even been afraid for awhile to have a sex scene with a pregnant woman, but thank God it didn't happen. I'm pretty open sexually talking, but some things do not interest me at all.
By cons at some point the film is a little bit dark making it difficult to see some close-up. But this doesn't happen too often and I'm not sure if this is due to an insufficient lighting when the film was originally shoot  or the material used for the DVD (this is a video transfer). I am certain that a new transfer would correct this slight problem, but I don't think this movie is a candidate for the Platinum Collection. But of course I could be wrong.
This film is highly recommanded if you are a fan of Shaun Cotello and is available from Video-X-Pix.

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