Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On Golden Blonde (1984)

This one is definitely a trip to memory lane. I rented this film on numerous occasions when I was a teenager (obviously the fact that there were only about ten videos available has certainly played a role in this). The story is quite interesting at first, but as many productions of this period it isn't the priority. The film begins in heaven with a discussion between an angel (W.O. Williams) and Alice (Christy Canyon) which seems to be in a very bad mood. Indeed, there was  a case of mistaken identity and Alice should be still alive. The angel will have to correct his mistake and he will do it by finding a new body for Alice. It is from here that the problems begin. Indeed what could be an interesting parody of Heaven Can Wait is only an excuse for a series of sex scene more or less interesting (in fact much less than more). This is surely a disappointment when you consider the fact that the distribution includes among other Ginger Lynn, Gina Carrera (as chance would have it a few days ago I watched Suburbia her first film), Jamie Gillis, Tom Byron and Peter North. The scenario is simply faulty, there is indeed a bit of humor, but except for the first exchange when Alice takes possession of the body of Marilyn (Ginger Lynn) this does not really work. Also having consecutive scenes with the same actress (and twice!) Is quite ordinary. It would be possible to get over these weaknesses considering the time of the production, but there is something else entirely unforgivable. Indeed the film is poorly shot, the cameraman (I can't name him because the credits are  completly unreadable) is unable to find a good angle for filming. What you will agree, does not help when the film part is weak.

So except for the memories of my youth this film has nothing special and certainly does not deserve a positive recommendation. One thing is certain, it was much easier to please me when I was 16 years old  than now at 40.


  1. Did Paradise Visuals ever produce anything, like, good? Haven't seen their videos since the 80s, but I remember them as rather slick, but very, very boring and unsexy.

  2. I know I liked some of their productions like Forbidden Fruit and WPINK-TV when I saw them back in the eighties. But I suppose that re-watching them now would gave me the same reaction I got here.

  3. Just remembered that I've reviewed American Babylon back in december and gave it a good one. So at least one of their film is good..