Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Child In The City (1979)

One of my favorite movies, despite the fact the history is not very original. Brenda (Rikki O'Neal) and Mary Ann (Marcia Minor) two teenage girls miss their bus for a trip to a girl scout camp, but they can't return at their home since their parents believe they are at  the camp. So they chose to take the next bus ride and experience the New York adventure. Shortly after their arrival they meet a pimp (Carter Stevens) and began a lucrative career or at least believed it. The synopsis looks dark, but I can assure you this is not the case.

Usually I'm not a big fan of the films of John Christopher, but this one is an exception (as we say every rule has an exception). Of course he uses two loops to fill the time, a practice I hate and even more when the material is in such a pitiful state that it clashes with the rest of the  film. But this is the movie that made me really discover Marcia Minor (although she has a small role in Take Off, but that doesn't really count) so it's a big positive. Add to this that I usually appreciate Rikki O'Neal, and you have a good start for an enjoyable film. But what really makes this film fun to watch is the music, although it depends on your disco music appreciation but listening Beautiful Bend, Gene Chandler, Sarah Dash, Metropolis and without forgetting that the movie starts in force musically with Tramontana by Foreigner make you pass a great time. Carter Stevens gives a good performance in the role of the pimp who scam the girls, but he is the only who really has to act. Bobby Astyr, Ron Hudd, Herschel Savage and John Holmes (in one of the two loops) are also in this film. Of course the film end on a good note for our two heroines.

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