Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Breaking It (1984)

As promised earlier I choose something better. This film is about  the loss of  our virginity and is organized by episode with a narrator between each. First fact to notice is that although the structure chosen we don't get the feeling of watching a series of loops. The second fact to note is that the interpretation is surprisingly just for a production of this period. In fact we see easily that it is their first experience (obviously not the actors, but the character's they play) either by their facial expressions or the innocence of their words. Each episode is a success whether two teenagers (Bunny Bleu [before  her ridiculous breast surgery] and Shone Taylor) having their first experience or a young student (Tracy Lords) seducing her teacher (John Leslie) to achieve her goal or a young adolescent (Tom Byron) who brags about his fictitious performance to his friend and gain his first experience because of these friends who sets him with Rachel Ashley (which proves that he has an incredible group of friends). Between each episode there is a scene between Paul Thomas and his niece (Roxanne Rollan) that develops slowly but surely toward the grand final.

Obviously this film is no longer available in the United States since Tracy Lords is in it, but it is really easy to remove the problematic scene with no loss of logic in the construction (as it was done with Wild Things). If you live somewhere else this isn't that hard to find it.

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  1. This is a great movie, and thanks for highlighting it.

    David I. Frazer and Svetlana deserve far more recognition than they've had:

    Sex Boat, Pink Lagoon, Surrender in Paradise,and Hanky Panky (to name a few) -- they excelled at well shot, hot pornography with imaginative locations.

    Saw this originally at a cinema in Detroit.