Sunday, September 22, 2019

Jewels of the Night (1987)

This film was directed by John T. Bone for Western Visuals, I sure understand why neither the iafd or imdb  credit since he was clearly credited on the tape.

Max (Jose Duval) a businessman is on the way for a business trip to Geneva, before he reviewed with his secretary (Frankie Leigh) the last details. But this isn't what Frank have in mind and what follows is a good verbal domination scene.

During Max's absence his girlfriend (Samantha Strong) and one of her friend (Taija Rae) will stay home to watch the house.

Taija Rae and Samantha Strong

At one point when they are relaxing they hear noises coming from inside the house, so they go check and they find two neighbors in the laundry room ready to clean their dirty clothes as Max gave them the permission to do so.

Peter North and Shone Taylor
Evidently we know what will happen and after all this actions we skip some time later. This time Max's chauffeur (Mike Horner) want to release some steams which he certainly deserve after the teasing show he got at the film beginning. So he will have some fun with Brenda (Honey Wilder) in the kitchen, fun that looks quite uncomfortable if you ask, and he will be caught by Roberta (who is the name of Max's girlfriend) with his pant down.

After Roberta and Brenda leave in car and Karen stays alone, surprise Max came back earlier than expected because he missed his plane... looks like the game time with his secretary wasn't a good idea after all. But staying at home has its benefits too

When you pick a Western Visuals production you are never sure of what you'll get and often you end with an average film, but in this case the result is a good one. What help the movie a lot is the main cast, it's hard to not like a film with Taija Rae and a young Samantha Strong, and the opening and closing parts of the production. Indeed the film start with a good performance by Duval in his power play with his secretary and I bet that a good part of the dialogue was improvised by him. For the closing of the film they use shadows for the beginning of the scene between Jose Duval and Taija Rae which is quite erotic in my book.

So it's a recommended one for me for all the reasons I wrote previously but also because it's one of the few film in which Jose Duval is the leading man.

Frankie Leigh
Honey Wilder

Jose Duval
Nina DePonca
Bonus review from april 88 X rated Video issue

Visions (1977)

Larry (Wade Nicholls) is a musician working in the evening on one of his composition while a muse (Victoria Corsaut) give him the inspiration to do so.

At one point he is interrupted by the building janitor (W.P. Dremak) and they start a conversation together until Larry see his muse go, so he left and follow her. Bad idea, he overhears two burglars who put it down for the count. This is when he fell in a starnge place...

Suzanne McBain

Larry has no choice but to explore this place while pursuing his inspirational muse. He will encounters different worlds until the moment where his muse and him will finally reach each other. 
Sharon Mitchell, Susaye London and Paula Morton

Liz Rakey and David Christopher

 This is when he will have an important decision to take...

This is an excellent Chuck Vincent's production, more a musical and visual poem than a narrative film... There are very few dialogue and not at all while Larry explore the inbetween world, this absence of dialogue is replaced by a variety of classical music and that works very well.

Since I'm Catholic, I don't really have a choice to see this mysterious world as the area we are in when we are between life and death, the netherworld where we must choose if we go to heaven or hell (a Catholic have free will on this matter). Was it really the point of the film? I don't know, but for me it is...

This isn't the most known Chuck Vincent's movie or his best one, but I recommend it if you want to see something different and more clever than your usual adult film.

You can get it on DVD from Distribpix ...

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The California Connection (1973)

Peter Galore (Rick Cassidy) is a government special agent, at least it sounds like he is, and he is on mission... to rescue the daughter of a diplomat (Maggie Williams) who was kidnapped by a white slavers operation leaded by Harold Plum (Tony Lane) and have some fun while doing so.

Rick Cassidy
Maggie Williams
This film was "lost" for years and every versions released were cut by almost 30 minutes, but last year we finally got the complete version and this is the one I have watched.

I will be honest, the movie is average and that story had been made better in other films made after (yeah, I can't really give it a strike for that). But I can give it one for the many inserts, not that I can't understand that even a good performer like Cassidy can do everything alone.

As story goes this is quite straightforward with the usual shenanigans of the spy movie genre until the end that made me scratch my head (seriously I didn't get it).

Cyndee Summers and Tony Lane
Barbara Bourbon
But even with its flaws and its obvious low budget I recommend the film, for many reasons: it was lost, it's the only film in which Tallie Cochrane had more than simulated sex (at the best of my knowledge), it's one of the few Barbara Bourbon film appearances, Rick Cassidy is a good leading man and, to be honest, it's a fun movie.

Tallie Cochrane
Dalana Bissonnette
Marsha Hart
The movie is a bonus features on the Enter the Devil blu-ray released by Massacre Video that you can easily find at a good price at Amazon and certainly at your other favorites online stores.

Obviously I couldn't forget Bill Margold in the captures

City Women (1971)

Early West Coast productions who is build around the fantasy of four women who live in Los-Angeles. Without being one the movie has a loops carrier vibes since there are no story per se but four different daydreaming sequences without connections (you could say the film is four short stories on a theme).

Sandi Carey
Unknown actress
Rene Bond
Sandy Dempsey
Surprisingly everything work very well in that film and it was an enjoyable surprise since I'm used to watch average LA productions from those early days. The narrator isn't boring and make sense, the film is mostly shoot without dialogues (except for the body painting performance) and talking of body painting that was probably my favorite moment in this film.

Jill Sweete
No director is credited but it was obviously made by a professional (if he is a film student he was sure talented) and shoot by a real director of photography too (you need to see the last dream sequence to see it).

This one is widely available as it was released on DVD by Alpha Blue Archives (the one I have), Historic Erotica and After Hours Cinema (that one is incomplete according to imdb).

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Sex Drugs and Rock 'n Roll (1985)

Something a little bit different than what I usually review since it isn't a film per se, but there is some kind of storyline.

This is pretty much a club show hosted by Fred Lincoln (who directed and wrote the film) with musical numbers in which we follow the tribulations of a group of women friends.

Sharon Kane, Jean Silver, Tiffany Clark and Tish Ambrose

Tiffany Clark and Bobby Sunderland (a one timer who was certainly a stripper in real life

Sharon Kane

The film is pretty much straightforward as we alternate between musical numbers, Fred Lincoln's comedy stand up and what happened to our principal core group. Susan Nero, Marita Ekberg, Jose Duval (his scene with Tish Ambrose is quite funny) shown up too in the film.

Susan Nero
Marita Ekberg
Jose Duval
This film quite enjoyable and contrary to what I believed before starting the disc it isn't just a musical. But even if it would have been non stop music I would have enjoyed it anyway since two of my favorite actresses (Tiffany Clark and Jean Silver, both of them looking great as always) are part of the cast.

Fred Lincoln

There is no official release of this film but you can get it via an Alpha Blue Archives triple features DVD with Toothless People and Supergirls Do the Navy.

Online link for a tube site showing the film since the current release isn't legit

Finally better screen captures of Tish Ambrose, Jean Silver and Tiffany Clark

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Blue Heat (1978)

Bronsky (Ray Wells) a film producer have a meeting with the Cleveland mafia boss (Jim Thorton) who wants to take over his current production (wonder where they get that idea 😏). Of course he refuses and left, but the Cleveland boss send his right hand man (Jessie Chandler) to do the works.

Ray Wells
The rest of the running time is centered around the film production, the editing work (Harry Lewis who is that film director plays the editor uncredited) and the actions of the Cleveland man to take over the production.

Blair Harris and Jesse Adams
Jesie St. James and Harry Lewis
It isn't the most complicated movie ever made, but like most Harry Lewis' productions this was enjoyable. We get some behind the scenes history (everybody know that the crime family often took over movie productions like this back than) and even if there is a lot of sex scenes that doesn't feel forced. Also big bonus for the music choices, the use of the Godfather theme make the movie sound bigger that it really is and you will notice the theme from Psycho too during an important scene.

Christine Kelly
Andrea Lange, one of those beautiful actress who is forgotten these days
Dorothy Lemay
Obviously I recommend this one and it is easy to find for a change... the film got two releases, on DVD from VCX and on DVD-R from Something Weird Video (double features with Gina the Foxy Chick) who is the version I have reviewed here.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Not The Bradys XXX (2007)

I'm not really a big fan of modern adult cinema which is obvious if you check the production years of the movie I usually review. But that one won some awards and have a good rating, so I gave it a chance.

First I give honour where honour is due, the opening is great and pretty much the same than the one from original TV sitcom. But...

The film have the same problems that every modern films or web scenes have... the sex scenes go on forever and there are really nothing original there, everything is the same old same old action. Also the fricking chocking in every scenes is not my cup of tea, it's disgusting and not sexy at all. Another thing I don't get is the absence of music during those scenes, if your actors can't stay in character and only have stupid lines to say at least the score would hide those flaws. Finally the casting isn't very good, none of the guys playing the Brady boys look and act alike their TV counterparts.

Alana Evans, Lynn LeMay and Mike Horner
But there are some positive in this movie... The set design is well done (if we forget that the living room is quite dirty), the actress playing Marcia (Hillary Scott) and Jan (Aurora Snow) are perfectly cast and do a good job, Mike Horner is reliable as always and, thank God, Ron Jeremy role is a non sex one.

Hillary Scott
Aurora Snow
As you could have guessed I don't recommend this one... most of the long running time I was bored. It doesn't mean that you couldn't enjoy it, but those films are just not my cup of tea.