Monday, November 22, 2010

The Jade Pussycat (1977)

I think this is the first Johnny Wadd's movie I speak about on my blog. I could start with the original, but to be honest this film is not very good (by cons the dvd supplements are and make the purchase worthwhile) and watching it once was more than enough for me.
In this film, the eleventh in the series (counting The Danish Connection which is softcore), Johnny Wadd is hired by Jenny (Jessica Temple-Smith) to find her brother (Jon Martin) who has disappeared, leaving behind a short message and a mysterious key. The viewer already knows what happened to him, he was betrayed by his partner (Linda Wong) after the theft of the Jade pussycat an ancient Chinese artifact. The investigation of Wadd will focus on the key and what it means. An investigation during which he will face a Chinese gang (led by Bob Chinn himself) and a German criminal (Steve Balint) who commissioned the theft of the Jade pussycat first.
We soon see that John Holmes has completely the personage (after ten films this is not surprising) and the formula is well established. Indeed during the investigation Wadd will met many female characters and it will always end in the same way. So if you're not a fan of John Holmes forgot this movie since he sees the large majority of the action. Although the film seems to be done on autopilot it is still interesting and Holmes is still at the top of his career. The story has enough turnaround to sustain the interest. The acting talent is of course uneven (Bob Chinn is certainly a better director than actor), but overall it is more than suitable. There is also a little bit of humor present (but not always successful) and the story remains open at its conclusion. A conclusion that will happen in China Cat, the next film in the series. In addition to the names already mentioned the cast include among others Georgina Spelvin (excellent as usual), Paula Wain, Bonnie Holiday and Yvonne Green.
I have no problem to recommend this film which is available through Adult DVD Pacific et Adult DVD Marketplace.

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